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Raise more money for a good cause. The MoneyDolly app takes care of all the heavy lifting of community fundraising.
“We raised $4,100 just with a small group of people!”
Tonya Speller
Church Director, Light of the World Christian Center
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Unlock Generous Support

Do you need to raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart?

Whether it’s a charity, local church, or any other type of cause, MoneyDolly values your group. In return, you can expect loyal and generous supporters.

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Community Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

MoneyDolly makes community fundraising easy, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our easy-to-use app provides everything you need from start to finish.

MoneyDolly Features

A Customizable Page

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Reach Your Group’s Supporters Faster

MoneyDolly’s app allows sharing of your fundraiser with any of your selected phone contacts and social media followers—all with the tap of a button.

We know you need to reach even more people, so all of your group members will have a unique QR code to share with anyone they meet.

Track Your Community Fundraising Progress

Through secure portals (keeping your data safe is job number one), you and your group participants can constantly track the progress of your fundraiser until you reach your goal.

MoneyDolly Users Raise More $$$

Here’s How it Works

3 Easy Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

Register Your Fundraiser

Register for a fundraiser launch week. Prepare by creating a customized fundraiser web page. Choose products to sell, ask for donations, or even run an event for your organization.


For 8-10 days, the app will help you facilitate and manage your fundraiser. You can sit back and relax, knowing your participants have the tools necessary to fundraise effectively. Watch the profits pile up!

Get Paid

After your fundraiser ends, we will send 80% of the profits directly to you, as a check or direct deposit. Our products purchased by contributors will be shipped directly to them. It's that easy!

Want to know more?

Dive into more details of how our fundraising software works.

Video Testimonials

Tonya Speller testimonial video thumbnail
Tonya Speller, church director at Light of the World Christian Center, shares what she loves about MoneyDolly.
Bishop & Mrs Jay Farrow video testimonial thumbanil
Bishop & Mrs. Jay Farrow, of Light of the World Christian Center, shares what she loves about MoneyDolly.

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“MoneyDolly is the BEST fundraiser around!”

– Tonya Speller

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