Community Fundraising, Simplified

Raise more money for a good cause. The MoneyDolly app takes care of all the heavy lifting of community fundraising.

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Unlock Generous Support

Do you need to raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart?

Whether it’s a charity, local church, or any other type of cause, MoneyDolly values your group. In return, you can expect loyal and generous supporters.

Community Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

MoneyDolly makes community fundraising easy, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our easy-to-use app provides everything you need from start to finish.

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A Customizable Page

  • Design a custom page for your group’s fundraiser so everyone can learn about your group's mission.
  • Choose what type of fundraiser works best for you. Sell products from our trusted partners (or add your own), accept monetary donations, or run ticketed events.
  • Give each group member access to their own page so supporters feel they have a personalized connection to your fundraiser.

Reach Your Group’s Supporters Faster

MoneyDolly’s app allows sharing of your fundraiser with any of your selected phone contacts and social media followers—all with the tap of a button.

We know you need to reach even more people, so all of your group members will have a unique QR code to share with anyone they meet.

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Track Your Community Fundraising Progress

Through secure portals, you and your group participants can constantly track your fundraiser's progress until you reach your goal.

  • Choose performance incentives for motivation
  • View participant goals and their progress
  • Monitor the onboarding process and participation

Users Raise More Money

Video Testimonials

Tonya Speller, Director of Light of the World Christian Center, shares what she loves about MoneyDolly.

Bishop and Mrs. Jay Farrow of Light of the World Christian Center share their campaign's success by using the app.

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