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Let MoneyDolly Help With the Heavy Lifting

MoneyDolly is the fastest-growing fundraising app because it drives results with:

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Fundraising Has Never Been So Easy!

With MoneyDolly’s no-upfront-costs fundraising software, you can create and facilitate everything easily from your completely free fundraiser app. With no password or username, you can always check your fundraiser status in a matter of seconds.

You can crack open a cold drink, relax in the audience, and watch the profits increase while we take care of the rest.

MoneyDolly Users Raise More $$$

Fundraiser admins report that the innovative and modernized peer-to-peer fundraising method using the MoneyDolly app has not only completely re-energized fundraiser participants, but raised more money than they’ve ever seen in past years.

In fact, MoneyDolly fundraisers tend to earn an average of 35% more money than previous fundraising campaigns!


$ 13 M+
Funds Raised
2300 +
Groups Helped
1 Million +

A Few of Our Users' Success Stories

At MoneyDolly, we’ve got something for every supporter!

Whether your contributors prefer to simply donate or would like a little something in return, our fundraisers have it all.

Explore our complete Product Catalog today and discover the perfect fit for your fundraising journey.

Ending the Headache of Traditional Fundraisers

You know what a dolly is. That thing with wheels that helps you carry the washing machine when you move. Well, MoneyDolly is the digital dolly that will help you carry a fundraiser from beginning to end with the least amount of work (and anxiety) possible.

Does it sound too good to be true? You better believe it’s true! MoneyDolly makes peer-to-peer fundraising digital, so you can do less while earning more. Our sole purpose is to make sure you succeed!

Save Time and Energy

Coming up with an idea, organizing, managing, and carrying out fundraisers takes a lot of time. We know you already have enough to do so we make everything accessible from your phone.

With the custom app we create for your fundraiser your group can:

  • Sell products we provide or your own products
  • Quickly onboard and train your team members
  • Accept cash donations
  • Run events
  • Use Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Run a Successful Fundraiser Without Previous Experience

Often parents, youth leaders, or coaches are handed the responsibility of running a fundraiser even when they have never done it before. MoneyDolly makes the learning process easy.

Anyone can do it, even if you don’t have previous experience. We will help you with our:

  • Expert guidance to plan and navigate fundraisers
  • Automated messaging
  • Powerful machine-learning tools
  • Action prompts
  • List of every idea imaginable for fundraisers

Keep Your Members and Supporters Engaged

Getting large numbers of supporters is hard with traditional fundraising methods. But the MoneyDolly app is tailored to fit your needs, so you can get everyone involved with a simple click of a button.

Keep your team members and their supporters engaged with:

  • A personalized QR code
  • Automated sharing with contacts and followers
  • Optional incentives
  • Progress tracking
  • Choices for organizers, participants, and supporters

One Fundraising Solution Perfect for Anyone

School Programs

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Community Groups

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Clubs and Leagues

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Make Your Life Easier with Revolutionary Fundraising Software

Be a part of the revolutionary fundraiser movement and wave goodbye to all the troubles usually associated with raising money.

No door-to-door sales, no counting or depositing money, and best of all, no paperwork!

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Here’s How it Works

3 Easy Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

Register Your Fundraiser

Register with MoneyDolly. Enter information about your organization and fundraiser. After you create a customized page layout, choose products to sell (ours or your own), plan an event, or ask for donations for your organization.


For 1-2 weeks, the app will facilitate and manage your fundraiser. You can sit back, relax, and watch the profits pile up.

Get Paid

After the fundraiser ends, we will send 80% of the proceeds directly to you, and the products your contributors bought can be shipped straight to them or to a school. It’s that easy!

Want to know more?

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