The best fundraising app for groups, teams, individuals & clubs

No matter how much you need to raise or what type of fundraiser you do — our app will make it better.

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The modern approach to fundraising.

Fundraisers traditionally are hard to keep organized, lack full participation, and sometimes make a little less than you were hoping to.

  • Want to see more participation in every fundraiser?
  • Looking for the best way to help your participants succeed?
  • Want to reach both local and out-of-town supporters?
  • Want to make sure your supporters feel good about helping your cause?
  • Would you rather keep track of everything in one easy to use app?
  • Want to eliminate that last fundraiser because you have enough money?

The fundraising app built for everyone.

Successful fundraising takes a team and we thought of everything.

Students & Participants

  • It’s an app! One place to manage goals, see progress and easily invite anyone to support your fundraiser with text, email, social media or in person.
  • Makes fundraising fun and easy for any personality type.
  • Never worry again about not having or forgetting your stuff! Keep track of everything in one easy to use app.

Coaches, Boosters, & Leaders

  • Get back the time you spent on fundraising. MoneyDolly automates everything in real time.
  • Maximize participation and profitability by gamifying your fundraisers.
  • Monitor participation and success while MoneyDolly sends automated messages of encouragement to your participants. It’s like a coach is always with them.

Parents & Guardians

  • Stay informed with all fundraising information, dates, and deadlines.
  • Watch them succeed and even help along the way.
  • All their fundraising is safe, secure, and organized in one easy to use app.

Organizations & Admin

  • Track the progress of teams and clubs across all of your fundraising groups.
  • Get the reports you want for complete transparency in a safe, secure and easy to use app.
  • Unlimited options. Products sales, donation fundraisers & fun events for every group and club in your organization.

It’s safe, secure, easy to use, and we do all the work

No upfront costs or credit card needed. It takes minutes to get signed up.



Sign up! Whether you are looking for a new idea or already have a great fundraiser — we make it easy to get started.



We provide a secure join code that allows each participant to share and promote the fundraiser. Our fundraising professionals are here to help maximize your group’s success.


Motivate & Track

Gamify your fundraiser with friendly competition. Keep everyone motivated with automated encouragement and prizes throughout the fundraiser. See everyone’s progress in real time.

The complete mobile solution for every fundraiser

MoneyDolly was built to power all top fundraising ideas. So powerful that you can use one app to fund your entire year.

Digital Gold Cards

Gold cards have always been a top performing fundraiser and a staple in many communities. We have revolutionized the gold card with a digital wallet. Why would you want to carry a plastic card when you can easily access your digital gold card on your phone? Once you see the difference, you will never look back.

Email Donations

Reaching out of town supporters has never been so easy. MoneyDolly makes running a donation only a fundraiser a terrific option. However, if you want to use a creative combination to get the best of both worlds, we’ve got you covered.

Unlimited Product Options

Any product. Any time. Anywhere. Cookie Dough, Candles, Caramel Corn, Apparel, Raffle Tickets, Car Washes, SunRiver Gourmet Beef Jerky, Cheesecakes, Christmas Wreaths, Pies, Pizzas, Tumblers, or the latest greatest “whatchamacallit.” You get the idea. We’ve developed the most powerful mobile fundraising app on the planet. If a product exists, we can help you raise money with it.