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We make fundraising easy!

On our easy fundraising app, you can run your entire fundraiser—
all from the palm of your hand.

Why you’ll love it:

Saves time and energy 

Engages and excites participants

Increases supporters with lots of options 

Designed by fundraiser experts


Customizing @2x

Get a Custom Page

We give you options and more options! School fundraising should be fun and flexible. You'll get results you can be proud of.

Show off your group’s style. Customize your group’s fundraiser page and let each participant personalize their own page to share with their supporters.

Choose exactly how you want to raise money. Sell products from our trusted partners, add your own products to sell, accept cash donations, run events, and more!

Notify Your Contacts

Share your fundraiser with your phone contacts and social media followers with the click of a button.

To make your school fundraising even more successful, group members have a unique QR code so participants can also share their page in person.

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Track Your School Fundraising Progress

You and your group participants can track your school’s progress through secure portals.

Leaders can:

Create incentives to keep it competitive and engaging. 

View participant goals and track their progress. 

Monitor the onboarding process and participation.


Use MoneyDolly’s fundraising software and have the most profitable and stress-free fundraiser your group has ever had. You’ll be their hero as your group receives all the funds it needs for its upcoming activities and projects.