About Us

MoneyDolly is a revolutionary fundraising app and service used by thousands of organizations and groups nationwide. It has become the key to successful fundraising.

Through MoneyDolly, any group (school sports, clubs, leagues, churches—you name it!) can raise all the money they need. We’ve helped all sorts of organizations raise millions of dollars over the years.

Give us a try and you’ll find that MoneyDolly is the ideal solution you’ve been waiting for.

The MoneyDolly Story

You could almost say it was a match made in heaven (but without all the romantic background music). Cofounders David Polanchek and Damion Smith met in 1998 and bonded over their shared love of sports, their active kids, and a passion for helping others succeed. Their shared interests led to a close friendship, business partnership, and eventually, the best technology solution for the fundraising industry.

Let’s set the stage a bit, shall we? Imagine David sitting and reading his newspaper at 6am in a sleepy little coffee shop in Idaho. The best ideas seem to arrive in coffee shops, and that’s where the idea for MoneyDolly began. As soon as the idea hit David, he and Damion started planning how to implement new technology in the fundraising space.

When MoneyDolly was born, the founders knew they could make fundraising easier for everyone. After three years of development, they created the MoneyDolly app, perfect for all fundraising situations.

Today, MoneyDolly isn’t just two friends with an idea anymore. It’s grown into a team of passionate individuals dedicated to making fundraising simple and easy. With MoneyDolly, we have helped individuals, parents, groups, and leaders raise millions in fundraising sales.

Our Mission

By focusing on our three purposes, MoneyDolly consistently delivers an exceptional experience, providing unparalleled support and tools to help organizations achieve their fundraising goals.

Encourage Passion

We enable people to do the sports and activities they love and to support the causes they're passionate about.

Be the Best

We are a technology platform that provides a positive experience for leaders, participants, and supporters. We make fundraising easy so you have more time to do what you love.

Drive Results

We focus on achieving your profit goals through end-to-end user automation. This is how we’ve helped people reach all their fundraising goals.

Our Core Values