About Us

MoneyDolly is a fundraising app and service used by thousands of organizations and groups around the country as the key to financial success through fundraising. Through MoneyDolly, millions of dollars have been raised. Whether it be school sports, clubs, leagues, churches or whatever else you’ll find MoneyDolly to be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Fundraising has never been so easy, so hands-off and so successful!


The MoneyDolly Story


Cofounders David Polanchek and Damion Smith met almost 25 years ago. While they had very different backgrounds, they shared three special things in common: they were both former athletes, they were both parents of active kids, and they both shared a passion for helping others succeed. Their common interests led to their close friendship, their business partnership and eventually, the best technology solution for the fundraising industry.

David recalls the concept of MoneyDolly started after reading a newspaper article (in a Post Falls, Idaho Coffee Shop at 6 am) about online sales.  He shared this with Damion, who started putting his mind to work knowing that they should usher in technology in our space, which had been stagnant for 25 years, while technology has gotten better & better in other industries.

They knew they could make what they do easier for kids, parents, coaches, PTO leaders, boosters & customers.  They spent 3 years in creative concept & design, making sure they implemented their 25 years of experience in successful fundraising. They  wanted to make sure that their app could be used for all fundraising solutions. No matter what product you use or what type of fundraiser you want to run, anyone can use it!  And so, the idea became a reality. 

They launched MoneyDolly and put the most powerful fundraising technology into a single app.  

They quickly realized the market has badly needed this solution for a long time, and now with MoneyDolly, they have transformed the process of fundraising.  Not only have they made fundraising simple & easy, they also can provide a completely contactless and safe way to fundraise.  

That’s why with MoneyDolly, they developed a sustainable fundraising system. With it, they have helped individuals, parents, groups and leaders with millions of dollars in fundraising sales.

The MoneyDolly team is deeply committed to helping your group solve budget issues through smart, simple, and sustainable fundraising.