40 Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams: Find an Event that Works Best for You

June 28, 2023

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Dreading the upcoming sports fundraising season? We don’t blame you. There’s a lot to consider. Who are you going to ask for money? Will you earn enough to cover the season’s needs? What are the best fundraiser ideas for high school sports teams?

Good thing we already thought about it for you, huh? With MoneyDolly, you get help moving your fundraiser forward, freeing up your time to spend on more important things, like developing your season-winning strategy or working one-on-one with your players to improve their skills.

MoneyDolly can solve all your problems by simplifying the fundraising process, providing expert guidance, and giving lots of options to ensure leaders, participants, and supporters stay engaged and involved. All this from our easy-to-use app. All you have to do now is decide how you want to fundraise. Would you look at that? We’ve got you covered there, too—here are 40 of our favorite event fundraising ideas for any type of sports team. And since we like you, we’ll even help you find fundraising ideas for specific sports teams like baseball and volleyball if you stick around until the end.

The Best Advice We Can Give You: Get the Word Out

Let no telephone pole or store window go undisturbed. ADVERTISE! We’re talking flyers all over town. Post all over on social media. Send out mass spam emails and texts.

Just kidding. That’s old school. There’s a much smarter way to reach your supporters and it’s called MoneyDolly.

Your team can raise enough money for your entire season, the playoffs, and the come-from-behind-as-underdogs championship game.

40 Event Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Now the fun part begins. Just remember, anytime you sell any service at an event (could be entries into a competition or any type of service) you can easily use the MoneyDolly app to sell tickets or products.

So get comfy, eat a snack, and read on to figure out which event fundraising ideas for youth sports teams work best for you.

1. Your Team vs. the Fans

You may not realize it, but sports fans often envision themselves playing against their favorite teams (or alongside them). So, why not turn those thoughts into a fundraising opportunity?

Let people sign up and pay to play against your team. For example, you could organize multiple shorter football games and go up against the fans. The more games you play, the more money you can earn.

2. Your Team vs. the Fans (New Sport Edition)

For a well-trained baseball team, playing baseball versus fans might just be too easy. It’s almost cheating, really. So instead, challenge fans to pay to play against the team in a different sport. Try something unique to generate more interest. Ultimate disc or quadball, anyone?

3. Hit-a-Thon, Shoot-a-Thon, or Bat-a-Thon

No matter what sport your team plays, you can find a way to get pledges from your adoring fans by racking up money for every perfect hit/shot/whatever. This is a great way to earn money and also find out which of your team members cracks under pressure.

4. Sports-Themed Auction

Auctions are a simple but fun way to fundraise. As an added bonus, you get to yell numbers at people as loud as you want. Make all the items sports-themed, like game balls, jerseys, or old baseball cards.

5. Restaurant Night

Find a local restaurant willing to let your team work as servers for a day. The restaurant can split the profits with you, or your team could just get the tips. Wear your uniforms (but for goodness sake, wash them first!) and do your best not to drop the grub.

6. Field Day

Invite friends and family to come to your practice field one day. Have races, games, and mini-competitions—people can pay to participate and play alongside your team. This is the perfect opportunity to see if Dad still has all those moves he brags about.

7. Coach Talent Show

Your coaches do a lot to support your teams, and they deserve a break…so ask them to do even more! Set up a coach talent night where each coach has to perform in front of a paying audience. If you don’t have enough coaches, have your team members perform too.

8. Autographed Memorabilia Sale

Reach out to local or nearby sports icons to see if they will donate a signed sports ball to your team. You may be tempted to keep it for yourself, but hey, we’re trying to raise money here! Before a big game, auction it off and see how much your team can earn for it.

9. Pancake Breakfast

This is an inexpensive way to earn your team some cash. Sell tickets to a pancake breakfast where people can gorge on pancakes, eggs, and sausages. When they’re happily stuffed full and feeling sleepy, bring around the donation jar and you may earn a few extra bucks.

10. Concession Stand

Whenever your team plays, make sure you organize a concession stand for your fans. Since you’ll be on the field or court, this is the perfect time to beg your families for some help. They can hold down the fort and sell snacks while you compete.

11. Sports Camp

Your players might not all be future pros, but they’re still good enough to teach young kids some new skills. Organize a day where parents can pay for their kids to practice with your team. Have them play games, exercise, and teach them some of your favorite moves.

12. Local Tournament

Invite other teams you normally compete against and encourage locals to form teams and compete. Each team pays an entry fee, and you get to see who’s the best. Come on—who doesn’t want to see the local nurses go up against the mechanic shop employees?

13. Team Calendar Sales

Let your inner diva emerge and strike a pose for your team’s calendar. Each month can display different action shots taken during competitions or more formal team photos. Either way, sell these at your games or at community events.

14. Team Merchandise Sales

Find a business that can print your logo and then slap it on everything. Water bottles, stickers, t-shirts, sweatshirts—the options are endless. Just make sure you spell the team’s name before submitting your design. We’ve seen that mistake before!

15. Ad Space Sales

Local businesses always want their names shared so they can get more customers. So help them out—for a fee, of course. Sell spots at your competition field or court where they can put up a business sign. Or sell them 1 minute of commercial time where an announcer will talk about their company during your next game.

16. Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course anyone can pay to compete in. If they want to try again for a better time, that’s fine (as long as they pay for a second run). It will be entertaining to see Mom and Dad compete to see who can climb a rope faster.

17. Game Day Car Wash

Before a big game, have a car wash and charge people to clean their cars. It’s also the perfect time to advertise and invite people to come to your game later. Don’t waste all of your energy, though; save some of it for the field/court/pool/chessboard!

18. Athlete Rental

Have an auction where community members can reserve an athlete’s time to complete chores. You may end up scrubbing grimy old tiles or vacuuming out a car, but at least you’re getting paid!

19. Team Rental

This is just like renting an athlete, but now people can pay to rent the entire team. Someone could buy your team’s time for a large chunk of money and have you all do anything from landscaping to a massive cleaning project. Sure, it’ll take some blood, sweat, and tears, but it’s totally worth it. Right?

20. Coach Craziness

Make your coaches promise to do something crazy if you reach your fundraising goal. Maybe they can dye their hair hot pink or go on that roller coaster they’re terrified of. You’ll be amazed how many people will donate money to see someone do something embarrassing or scary.

21. Dodgeball Tournament

Everybody loves a good dodgeball tournament. Not only will you get lots of people paying to play, but you’ll also earn more money from people who just want to pay to watch. Have your team participate and see if they’ve got the skills they think they do.

22. Local Olympic Games

Organize an Olympic Games event in a local park and invite everyone in the community to come. Charge people who want to participate and have them compete in common Olympic competitions like running, cycling, or swimming. Make sure you have brilliant medals ready for the winners.

23. Christmas Tree Delivery

You’re athletes, so we’re assuming you’re pretty strong. Carrying around giant trees should be no problem. Partner with a local Christmas tree business and let people pay to have you deliver their Christmas tree for them.

24. Team-Led Fitness Class

This is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure your class is tailored to your team’s skills. You want to sound like you know what you’re doing. For example, if you’re a swimmer, then teach water aerobics. If you play volleyball, maybe host a cardio or yoga class.

25. Best Seat in the House

Before a big game or competition, reserve two of the best seats in the house. Maybe they have the best view? Maybe they’re the only seats in the shade? That’s completely up to you. Right before the game starts, hold an auction and see who will pay the most to sit in those seats during the game.

26. March Madness

So many people already have March Madness competitions where they predict who will win each bracket. This is the perfect fundraiser for a sports team. Sell entries into a March Madness competition and have prizes for the winners.

27. Face Painting

There are always kids at your games, and their parents are usually willing to give them a few bucks to spend. Set up a face painting booth and have your friends and family members volunteer to paint faces for a price. Not only will your team earn some money, but your cheering section will look a lot more colorful.

28. Paparazzi

Hire or find a photographer willing to volunteer and take pictures of the crowd during a game or competition. They can then display the photos on a screen near the exit of the event, and as people leave, they can buy their photo if they want. It works for Disneyland, so why not for you?

29. Pie the Coach

We know you love your coaches, but we also know you’d like to get them back for making you run those extra laps. Have a pie-the-coach event where people can pay for a pie to hurl in their coaches’ faces. It’s always a popular event, and even you can pay to take a shot.

30. Half-Time Raffle

This works best for basketball or soccer but get creative and see how it can apply to your sport. Sell raffle tickets until half-time. Then draw a ticket. Whoever has the winning ticket can try and land the impossible half-court or half-field shot into a goal. If they get it, they get a prize, but if not, you’ve raised a ton of money with very little effort.

31. Black-Tie Gala

Host a black-tie gala event and send out invitations to prominent members of the community. Have live music and some good food. The way you earn money: beg. Make speeches, ask for donations, and explain why it’s a good thing to pay for. Add a silent auction to the event for some more income.

32. Lunch with the Team

Your athletes are popular, so why not invite the community to a special lunch with their favorite youth stars? Your team will feel like celebrities as the fans pay to grab a slice of cheap pizza and the chance to sit at a table and chat with their favorite running back or tennis player.

33. Personalized Landscaping for Supporters

It may seem weird, but people like seeing their names engraved on the ground. Just think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Redo a walkway or wall near your competition field or court and let people pay to have their names engraved on the bricks, rocks, or fence posts.

34. Livestream

Not everyone can physically get to your games or wants to sit on hard chairs to watch. Instead, offer a streaming service! People can pay a fee to receive access to a live video feed where they can cheer you on from the comfort of their couch.

35. Sports Trivia Night

Trivia nights are fun and entertaining and even more difficult when all the questions are sports-themed. Make the questions about your team specifically or branch out into the wide world of sports. See if your fans can remember who scored the first touchdown of the season or who won the last World Cup.

36. Pushup Contest

During any downtime in the game (half-time, between matches, or even while referees are reviewing a play), hold a contest for fans in the audience. For $5, they can participate in a pushup contest and win a trophy. Enjoy yourself by watching people brag about their skills and then collapse after 10 pushups.

37. Movie Night

Set up chairs and turn on the best sports movie you can find (Remember the Titans is sure to make people cry). Charge people for entry and then rack up a few extra dollars by selling popcorn and sodas.

38. Alumni Night

Your sports team is sure to have many people who used to play in the community. Invite these prestigious alumni to a game and then challenge them to join you (if they pay first). Split your existing team and then use alumni to complete your new team. Play for fun—and bragging rights.

39. Sports Photos

This is why it’s good to have friends who know what they’re doing with a camera. Invite sports teams (and don’t be shy, reach out to your rivals) to come and get their sports photo taken. Have game balls and props on hand so their photo looks professional and planned. Sell them their photo to make some money for your team.

40. Local Business Partnerships

Many local stores will be willing to help out your team. See which stores will let you put up posters about your team’s events and put donation jars at the front counters. It’s a really easy way to earn some money, but don’t worry! It’s not lazy; it’s resourceful.

Specific Ideas for Each Sport

Did you enjoy the read? Good! Our unique and exciting fundraising ideas for sports teams don’t stop there.

So many different sports are played in American schools, each with individual fundraising advantages. You name it—baseball, volleyball, football, and cheerleading all have unique ways to raise money for teams (and, yes, cheerleading’s a sport—calm down, people). See what else we can offer by visiting each sports page for extra ideas and inspiration.

Baseball Ideas

From baseball cards to fantasy baseball to a ballpark cookout, we’ve compiled a list of 26 amazing fundraising ideas for any baseball team. With fun and entertaining ideas like these, you’re sure to meet your cash goals and have your supporters cheering, “Take me out to the ballgame!”

Volleyball Ideas

Volleyball trivia? Private coaching sessions? A volleyball tournament, perhaps? Your volleyball team will ace its fundraising efforts with these 23 volleyball fundraising ideas we’ve set up just for you. So, get your team together and decide which idea will work best this season.

Football Ideas

You didn’t think we’d let you down with one of the most popular sports in America, did you? We know every football team wants extra money, and we scored a touchdown with some excellent ideas. You can raise money fast with football trivia, football kids camp, game day valet services, or one of our other 29 football team fundraising ideas.

Cheer Ideas

Ready? Let’s go! Give three cheers for your fundraising efforts when you try some of our 30 cheerleading fundraiser ideas. With new concepts like pep rallies, cheerleaders for a night, and bow sales, your squad can get the money they need before they can finish cheering, “Go Big Red!”

Work With MoneyDolly

Do any of those ideas sound good? You’re welcome. MoneyDolly was made specifically to help you reach all of your fundraising goals. We want you to succeed, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you do—not just by making amazing lists of fundraising ideas but by tailoring an app just for you and your team.

While fundraising events are great, they can take a lot of time and coordination from everyone involved. But we have an easier solution! With the MoneyDolly program and app, you can easily raise money through your phone by selling products remotely (and shipping them directly to your supporters) or directly asking for donations through a QR code.

Save yourself time by simplifying the fundraising process with our myriad options and plenty of expert advice and tips to keep all your supporters engaged. Start a fundraiser and meet with one of our experienced fundraising experts. We’ll work with you to create a plan so you and your sports team can reach your fundraising goals as soon as possible! Set up your account to get started today!

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