Bat 1000 with These 26 Innovative Baseball Fundraising Ideas

October 31, 2023

Members of a little league baseball team.

Take me out to the ball game!

Take me out with the crowd! 

It’s time for some baseball fundraising. Your team is ready to run bases and hit home runs, but do you have the money they need to get new equipment, build a dugout, attend that expensive training camp, or entice Derek Jeter to come act as a third base coach? 

Coming up with new fundraising ideas every year is exhausting, so we want to help. With our list of 26 baseball fundraising ideas or softball fundraiser ideas, you’ll get all the funds you need in record time. It’s a home run. No, wait—a grand slam. (That’s better.)

26 Fundraising Ideas for Baseball to Keep Swinging for the Fences

You can use many of these fundraising ideas or just one, but we’re sure you’ll be able to find some that will help your team get all the money they need for the upcoming season.

And don’t worry—you can easily change baseball fundraising ideas into fundraiser ideas for softball teams. Heck, you could apply them to your whiffle ball league if you wanted. We’re not picky.

1. Home Run Derby

Host an event where players compete to hit the most home runs in a short period of time, tournament-style. Supporters can buy a bracket and fill in their guesses. Whoever gets the bracket entirely right wins a small prize.

2. Students vs Teachers

People love watching students play against their role models. So, organize a game between the teachers (or coaches) and the students. See who really has the skills it takes to win.

3. Moms vs Students

Even more entertaining than watching students play against teachers is watching students play against their mothers. We can just hear it now: “Moooom! I let you win!”

4. Baseball Singing Competition

Chances are your baseball team has some hidden talents. Set up a singing competition for a paying audience like The Voice, where your players sing in a blind audition for a few judges.

5. Game Concessions

Everyone loves baseball food. Who can go to a game without getting a hotdog, peanuts, or Cracker Jacks? Set up a booth at your baseball games where people can buy snacks.

6. Home Plate Steals

Stealing home is a big deal in baseball, so make it even more lucrative. Find local businesses that will pledge your team money anytime a player steals home successfully. Just make sure to give that business regular shoutouts.

7. Baseball Cards

Take some team photos, print them on card stock, and sell them. Family members will love the souvenir, and the cards may be worth extra if any players ever hit the big league.

8. Raffle

Before a game, sell raffle tickets to adults, then announce the winners at the end. The prize could be anything you like: a gift basket, autographed game ball, team sweatshirt, or the opportunity to throw the first pitch in the next game. You get the idea.

9. Baseball Dinner

Hold a dinner for paying customers at a restaurant or the school gym. Your team can work as waiters—in their uniform, of course. (Just make sure they wash off the grass and sweat stains beforehand.)

10. Baseball Autographs

Write to baseball legends or even find one living nearby and ask them to sign a few baseballs. Then, you can auction off these balls for cash.

11. Rivalry Game

We’re sure you have a rival team (doesn’t everyone?). Team up for an off-the-official books game where all proceeds are split for fundraising. If you’re feeling exceptionally generous, you might even let them know about MoneyDolly. (After all, this is all for the kids, right?)

12. Spring Training for Kids

Set up a baseball spring training camp. Parents can pay so their little kids can spend the day learning baseball skills and have fun playing alongside your team.

13. Team Swag

Sell team swag at your games or through the MoneyDolly app. Baseball hats (duh), sweatshirts, t-shirts, or mugs—you’ll definitely find some excited supporters.

14. Advertising Space

Find local businesses that will pay for a large sign on the fence at your games. For a little bit more money, your team can wear patches with their business logo on the jerseys.

15. Stadium Seats

There’s always a best seat in the house—the one with shade and a great view. We don’t believe comfortable bleachers actually exist, but consider bringing in a padded chair or two for the event. Reserve these seats before the game, then auction them off as the game starts.

16. Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy football is big, but fantasy baseball still has a foothold. Set up a fantasy baseball league and allow paying participants to compete for a small prize.

17. All-Star Treatment

Before a game, auction off a VIP all-star package. The highest bidder will get pampered throughout the game with snacks, seat cushions, drinks, a picture with the team, even a manicure. People get manicures while watching baseball, right?

18. Adult Training

We know your summer training regiments are hardcore. Let adults pay and see if they can keep up with a rigorous day of strength training and drills.

19. Baseball Bingo

Sell bingo cards before a game. They can have squares that say home run, strike out, or pop fly. Anytime something on the bingo card happens, the participants can mark it off. The first to get a bingo or blackout gets a prize.

20. Dunk Tank

Set up a dunk tank at the school during lunch hour. Students can pay for the chance to throw a baseball at the dunk tank to try and dunk the players. Pay extra to dunk your ex! (Aaaand fundraising is done!)

21. Ballpark Cookout

Set up a delicious cookout at the ballfield. Serve paying attendees hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad—all the American classics.

22. Calendar

Take some team-in-action photos during games. Then, create and sell a calendar of the season’s most exciting moments. It’s a perfect gift for grandma! 

23. Vendor Space

While you could sell concessions, letting others pay to do the work is even easier. Have a few booths ready for vendors to rent out and sell food or other knick-knacks at your games.

24. Bake Sale

Host a bake sale with baseball-themed baked goods. Sell baseball cookies or a cake that looks like the field. Let’s just hope your team has some good fondant skills.

25. MoneyDolly Products

We’ve mentioned selling vetted products through the MoneyDolly app, but we’ve made it even easier for you by finding amazing products from local vendors. All you have to do is choose which ones you want to sell and send the link to your supporters. We’ll take care of the packaging and shipping so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ball game.

26. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is perhaps the most effective way your baseball or softball team can earn money in record time with minimal effort. Simply use the MoneyDolly app to send contribution invitations to contacts on your phone. The more people your team contacts, the more money you’ll raise. You could reach your goal in minutes instead of planning an elaborate event (not that we don’t love elaborate events).

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While your baseball team preps for the fundraising season, it’s time to get started with MoneyDolly. Visit our site and see how you can become your team’s hero this season.

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