Three Cheers for These 30 Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas!

December 13, 2023


Ready? Okay! Let’s go! 

(Imagine us saying that with pom poms, and you get where we’re going with this.) 

Cheerleaders bring energy to any sporting event, making it more exciting for spectators and encouraging players to perform their best. With all they do, cheerleaders deserve some financial help to get through their season.

The costs of uniforms, traveling to clinics and competitions, and equipment all add up quickly! Cheerleaders need to find new ways to raise money each year to keep their supporters interested and engaged. New ideas are hard to come up with, but never fear! Here are some of our best cheerleading fundraiser ideas to get your squad in the fundraising spirit.

30 DIY Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel (or the ball up coed toss) to fundraise successfully. Here are some of our best ideas to help your squad rah-rah-rake in the cash.

1. Cheer Camp

Host a cheer camp for younger kids who are excited to become cheerleaders. Teach them the moves and a few cheers so they will be ready to join your squad someday.

2. Team for Hire

Cheerleaders don’t need to limit their skills to football and basketball games. Hire your team out to cheer at other events like local carnivals and business retreats. Or maybe the swim team wants some extra attention at their next meet. Butterfly! Butterfly! Go, team!

3. Pep Rally

Host a pep rally that people can pay to attend with a bonfire, cheers, and snacks to get everyone fired up before the next big game.

4. Raffle

At the entrance to a sporting event, sell raffle tickets to adults. During a break or halftime, announce the winning number and give them a small prize. (Maybe their own set of pom poms?)

5. Cheer Contest

Coming up with fresh cheers and chants can be exhausting, so let your supporters submit their ideas for new ones. Set a modest submission fee for entrants with the guarantee that the winner sees their (school-appropriate) cheer become part of your team’s normal rotation.

6. Swag Store

Print your team’s logo on anything you think will sell well (T-shirts, mugs, hats, dog sweaters). Then, use the MoneyDolly app to sell these items to your supporters.

7. Team Calendar

Create a calendar with pictures of your team cheering at different events or action shots of your best stunts. Sell these around town or at sporting events.

8. Sponsorship Banner

Find a local business willing to sponsor your squad. In exchange, display a giant banner advertising their business at any game you cheer at.

9. Karaoke

Host a karaoke night to see who has the best pipes around. Make sure you have some classic 80s hits, or it doesn’t really count as good karaoke. 

10. Parents Night Out

Set up games and toys in your usual training space and charge parents to leave their kids there for a few hours. It’s glorified babysitting, but hey, babysitting pays the bills.

11. Scavenger Hunt

Before a big game and cheer night, hide clues around town and charge people to enter their teams in the hunt. Whoever comes to the game with the final clue gets a small prize.

12. Spa Night

Host a spa night where people can pay for facials, pedicures, and manicures. Just make sure your cheerleading team practices all the skills first, so they know what they’re doing. 

13. Fashion Show

Have your team create their own outfits and put on a fashion show for paying audience members. For an extra fee, let your supporters join the show and show off their original creations.

14. Stadium Seat Cushions

Let’s face it: The seats at sporting games aren’t comfortable. Sell some simple stadium seat cushions before games. Grandma and grandpa will thank you!

15. Fitness Challenge

We’re sure your team practices rigorously to stay in shape and learn all the new cheers and dances. Let community members pay to join your workouts for the day and see if they can keep up with your squad. 

16. Movie Night

All you need is a good projector and a snack bar. Charge people to come and see a classic cheer movie like Bring It On. Or Bring It On: Again. Or Bring It On: Cheer or Die. Wait. How many of those movies have they made?

17. Color Run

Host a color run with a small entry fee. Then, sell colorful bags of chalk to supporters who can toss them at the runners. It may turn out to be the most colorful fundraiser you’ve ever done.

18. Sports Competition

We know your team can cheer, but can they play flag football, baseball, or water polo? Have a game day and charge admission to supporters who want to see your cheer squad prove themselves in a new sport.

19. Candygrams

Your team can deliver sweet notes and little bags of treats to students in class—paid for by their secret admirer of course. You go, Glen Coco!

20. Cheerleader for a Night

Parents can pay to have their youngsters join your squad and perform at a game. They can cheer with you and help get the crowd even more excited for the competition.

21. Talent Show

Host a talent show for a paying audience and have your team perform new skills that people have never seen before. Of course, allow others to sign up so your show is as full and varied as possible.

22. Bingo

Host a bingo night and lead some classic cheers when people get a bingo or a blackout. Keep prizes small so your profits stay big.

23. Pie the Coach

During halftime or a break in the game, sell the opportunity—auction-style—to throw a pie in the face of the principal or coach of the team playing. You’d be surprised how much past students will be willing to pay for payback.

24. Knockout

If you’re cheering at a basketball game, sell the chance to participate in a knockout halftime tournament. For a fee, see who the real basketball champion sitting in the stands is.

25. Bow Sales

A big, colorful bow is a trademark of any cheerleader. And also Jojo Siwa. Have your team make and sell bows at local fairs or to younger kids who desperately want to become cheerleaders someday.

26. Car Wash

This is a classic fundraising idea. Charge cars for a wash and dry. Just make sure you have people waving signs to get the attention of passing cars!

27. Restaurant Night

Find a local restaurant willing to let the cheerleaders act as waitresses for the evening. The team gets to keep any tips they earn!

28. School Cafe Cart

Cheerleaders can set up a cart before school at the main gates. Sell hot cocoa and snacks to students and faculty as they start their day. 

29. MoneyDolly Products

Selling sweet or savory treats is always a great go-to option while fundraising. MoneyDolly makes it even easier because we have already partnered with some amazing vendors. All you have to do is choose which products you want to sell in our app and then send the link to supporters. We’ll take care of shipping and processing, so the entire process is hands-off, easy, and profitable!

30. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The MoneyDolly app makes peer-to-peer fundraising extremely easy. You simply create a home page for your team on the app and then send out the link to contacts on your phone. They can easily donate however much money they want, and you’ll see funds roll in quicker than ever.

How Does MoneyDolly Make a Difference?

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