Empower Your Team: 5 Pointers for Sports Tournament Fundraising

May 24, 2024

Sports Tournament Fundraising

We all know that sports are a huge time commitment – and a financial one as well. This is especially true when your team starts traveling for tournaments and state competitions. Between travel, hotels, and competition fees, those costs can quickly add up, even if you’re lucky enough to have a sponsor. 

Luckily, with some smart planning and MoneyDolly on your side, you can hit those fundraising goals out of the park.

Tips for Sports Competition Fundraising 

Trying to reach an audience that has sports fundraiser fatigue? Try these tips and ideas to get your audience engaged and on your side.

  • Get creative. Bake sales and car washes are fine, but try going big with something your audience hasn’t seen before. Have parents compete against each other in a race, host a chili cook-off, have supporters sponsor an athlete, run a working bee, bring in a muralist, or sell branded merch. The fresher the idea, the more likely people are to support it! 
  • Give back to the community. Make it a twofer: brainstorm fundraising ideas that help out your community as much as they help your team. Can your team help with chores, errands, or activities that will help your community perform at its best? You’ll find that your community is more than happy to pitch in!
  • Tap into your existing networks. You’re more likely to raise money from people who know you than from strangers. Approach your extended social networks instead of going door to door or cold calling. Social proof is everything: these people know you and want to support you!
  • Communicate your progress. Use social media, newsletters, local media, and visible markers like banners to show how your fundraiser is progressing – and how much time you have left on it. The more people feel involved, the more they’ll want to contribute. (The MoneyDolly app is a great way to share updates about your fundraiser easily!)
  • Show the value of contributions. Everyone loves seeing how their hard-earned cash is being put to work. Keep contributors updated with a breakdown of exactly how their donations are helping out your team and what that money is going towards. Did someone pay for half a bus ticket, a one-night stay at a hotel, or a competition fee? Let them know!

Organize Your Fundraiser with MoneyDolly!

Football plays are complicated. Fundraising doesn’t have to be. MoneyDolly takes the stress out of fundraising by letting you run your whole fundraiser right from your phone – and by gamifying the experience to keep your supporters engaged and excited. 

Simply download the app, set up your fundraiser, and then share it with your networks. People can easily donate to your campaign and then monitor how the campaign is performing. You can also send updates and notes of appreciation right from the app.

And because we know that different audiences want different things from their fundraisers, we offer plenty of options to meet every need. You can host an event, take cash donations, or offer a gift with every donation. 

Best of all, MoneyDolly fundraisers out-raise traditional fundraisers! If you’re ready to take your team on the road, use MoneyDolly to raise the funds needed to take home that trophy!

Damion Smith-profile 2

Damion Smith

Founder and CEO

Prior to starting MoneyDolly, Damion spent the last 25 years helping teams, schools & organizations raise money while growing multiple companies across the country. He has served in many capacities including Sale Representative, Sales Manager, Senior VP of Sales & President.