Benefits of Fundraising For Youth

September 30, 2022

Youth Baseball Team with Parents Planning and Preparing for a Fundraising Event

Here Are the 3 Main Benefits of Fundraising Discussed in This Article:

  1. Teamwork is dreamwork! 
  2. Social Interactions with Adults are Important 
  3. Leadership is a must for success. 

Did you know that fundraising is a great way to prepare today’s youth for the future? It’s true! By participating in fundraisers, students learn important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and public speaking. Let’s discuss how the benefits of fundraising prepare youth for the future and the benefits of getting involved in your local community.


One of the benefits of fundraisers is teamwork. When students participate in fundraisers, they learn how to work together as a team. This is an important skill that will benefit them in their future careers. They learn how to communicate effectively and work towards a common goal. They will learn how to be flexible and listen to the thoughts and opinions of others and how to strategically come together and find commonality amongst a group. Teamwork truly does build communication skills by allowing people to learn that there are so many ways people communicate and learn besides the ways one might be most used and familiar with. Teamwork allows everyone to gather resources and knowledge together so that goals might be achieved more effectively. Teamwork also allows a group to divide and conquer. This creates the opportunity for members to focus on certain areas that they might be stronger in compared to others. With that, there’s less stress all around. On top of that, teaming up with a fundraising company like MoneyDolly makes it even LESS stressful.

Social Interactions with Adults

Social interactions with adults are another important skill that students learn when it comes to fundraising.  When students are asked to speak to adults, they learn how to project their voice, make eye contact, and engage with those older than them. This is a skill that will benefit them in both their personal and professional lives. Students who are able to speak to adults confidently are more likely to be successful in job interviews, presentations, and networking events. Interactions with adults not only build the confidence of the youth, but also help them to learn how to speak and use verbiage in ways that others will understand, and not just default to ways that they best understand. Even if a student doesn’t necessarily enjoy public speaking, it is imperative that they learn how to speak and interact with adults and know how to keep a conversation engaging. It’s also important to know that MoneyDolly cares about this. MoneyDolly encourages conversations and real-life interaction, and it has all the modern tech of an app, as well, to help the kids learn important technological skills. Other leading fundraising platforms don’t encourage actual interactions- they simply rely on automated emails that take the youth out of the process.  


During successful fundraising events, one of the benefits of being in a fundraiser is that youth learn how to take on leadership roles and be responsible for their actions. When students are in charge of a fundraiser, they learn how to be organized, set goals, and delegate tasks. This is an important skill for any future career. Students who can take on leadership roles and be confident in their abilities are more likely to be successful in their future endeavors and are set up for long-term success. When a young person is given leadership opportunities, they are also challenged to learn new ways of not only guiding others but also challenged to lean in and understand WHY it’s a good thing that everyone sees and understands things differently. 

So, if you’re looking for another way to prepare your child for the future, look no further than fundraising! It’s a great way for them to learn important life skills that will benefit them in their future career. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and it helps the community! What’s not to love? Get them connected with MoneyDolley and allow your child to see a highly successful fundraising company and learn how to be efficient with the most successful fundraising tools and online fundraising platforms. Get connected with MoneyDolly and allow your child to use a highly successful fundraising platform for their next fundraiser! They will learn the benefits of fundraising using the most successful fundraising tools, on the MoneyDolly fundraising platform.

The Future Benefits of Fundraising

The coolest part about the benefits of fundraising is that our youth ARE the future. Therefore, they are also the future of fundraising. Today’s youth have been raised in the always advancing technological age. This makes them that much more adept with the progression of virtual fundraising platforms, online crowdfunding, and many online fundraising tools. So, not only does fundraising, specifically virtual fundraising,  prepare the youth for the future, it’s something most already have the foundational skills for, simply because of the virtual age they’ve been raised in. Check out another one of our articles on “How to Revolutionize the Way You Fundraise.”

Is MoneyDolly Safe?

At MoneyDolly, safety is a top priority for us. We have secure portals to keep personal info safe so that you and your group participants can focus solely on fundraising. We have technical and organizational security measures in place aimed at guarding the confidentiality of all personal data we handle. With these measures in place, we can say that MoneyDolly is safe for youth and all users.

About MoneyDolly

MoneyDolly is a Utah company that is owned and managed by experts with over 50 years of youth fundraising experience, face-to-face with coaches and group leaders. MoneyDolly does not require any cash upfront. Successful fundraisers can be started in a matter of just a few days. MoneyDolly has already raised over $25 million for youth and adult leaders around the country. Get started today with a free demo of MoneyDolly!

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