We all know that youth sports can be expensive. There are registration fees, equipment costs, travel expenses, and more. Everyone wants their child to be able to participate in the sport they love, but sometimes it seems like raising money is an insurmountable task.

Don’t worry! With a little creativity and effort, money can easily be raised and the financial needs to participate in youth sports can be met. All the tips listed below are helpful ways to raise money AND more importantly – they can all be done through fundraising! So, read below and learn how to be creative with raising money and how fundraising encapsulates all of these things. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Sell Team Apparel
  2. Host a Car Wash
  3. Sell Consumables at Events 
  4. Donations as a Product


One easy way to raise money for youth sports is to sell team apparel. You can set up a booth at local sporting events, sell items online, or even host a special event where people can buy apparel and support the team. Be sure to choose items that will be popular with both parents and kids so you can maximize your sales.

Car Wash 

Another great way to raise money is to host a car wash. This is a fun event that the whole team can participate in, and it’s a great opportunity to get the community involved. You can advertise the car wash ahead of time and make it a big event. Be sure to have plenty of volunteers on hand to help out!

Consumables at Games

If your child’s team sells snacks at their games, you can donate some of the profits to help offset the cost of participation. This is a great way to fundraise while also providing a service to families who are attending the game. Just be sure to get permission from the league beforehand so you don’t get in trouble!

Donations as a Product

This is a very helpful aspect in raising money for youth sports. Especially when using fundraising platforms like MoneyDolly. This allows people to simply help the student or the cause. However, if supporters want to purchase a product and also donate, this is a win-win! MoneyDolly is set apart in this way. It allows a customer to support by “purchasing” a donation as a product. This is a game changer for sure, especially when it’s time to fundraise ! 

Don’t Forget!

There are lots of great ways to raise money for youth sports. With a little creativity and effort, you can easily come up with a plan that will work for your team. Talk to other parents and see what has worked for them in the past. And don’t forget to have fun! Fundraising should be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Why MoneyDolly Helps

Essentially, MoneyDolly is all of the above methods in one. MoneyDolly helps to combine everything that was discussed and brings them together on a digital platform – through the app! Why is this? Because these are all essentially fundraisers! There’s no better fundraising platform to do this through other than MoneyDolly. Through the app, students can sell and/or set up a donation platform for events like car washes, and team with outside merchants to sell team apparel that helps raise team spirit! Check out this article on why youth sports are so important and gain a better understanding of why your efforts to raise money for these sports are so important.

About MoneyDolly

MoneyDolly is a Utah company that is owned and managed by experts with over 50 years of youth fundraising experience, face to face with coaches and group leaders. MoneyDolly does not require any cash up front. Successful fundraisers can be started in a matter of just a few days. MoneyDolly has already raised over $25 million for youth and adult leaders around the country. Get started today at www.moneydolly.com.