Jump, Set, Spike, Cash: 23 Unique Volleyball Fundraiser Ideas

September 20, 2023

Young women playing volleyball.

Volleyball season is coming up quickly, and your team needs to find some unique ways to raise money. Maybe you need a new net, or it’s time for fresh uniforms; either way, the solution lies in piles and piles of cold, hard cash.

Coming up with exciting volleyball fundraiser ideas every year can be tricky—you don’t want to bore your supporters with the same old spaghetti dinner each time, and not just because your team captain can’t figure out al dente.

We want to help you out! Learn about 23 unique and interesting ways to raise money for your team.

23 Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

When it’s time for your volleyball team to raise money, don’t look any further than this list of volleyball fundraisers that are sure to get your supporters opening their wallets.

1. Volleyball Trivia Night

Teams can pay an entry fee to join a volleyball trivia competition for the chance to win a prize. Don’t go easy on them, though! Ask hard questions about volleyball terms, who took home the gold in past Olympic Games (1996 in Atlanta for Women’s Beach Volleyball? Brazil. Obviously.), and even questions about your specific team. We bet nobody will know your coach’s birthday!

2. Kick-Off-the-Volleyball-Season Party

Your big season is coming up, so celebrate in style! Have a big party where people can pay to attend. Some fun music and games will make the night even more memorable. We recommend a better name, though. Kick-Off-the-Volleyball-Season Party is a bit of a mouthful—and it’ll cost a fortune to write on the banners.

3. Volleyball Tournament

Paying participants can compete in a volleyball team tournament. Have a prize ready for the winners to encourage as many sign-ups as possible.

4. Team Swag

We know your volleyball team has loyal fans, so sell them some team merchandise.  Sweatshirts, baseball caps, or beanies with your team logo will keep people stylish and make you a bunch of bucks.

5. Snack Stand

Set up a snack stand at an upcoming game. Sell sodas, chips, slices of pizza, and ice cream bars. Spectators always get hungry at sports games (it’s an American tradition), so earn some money while you play.

6. Dodgeball Tournament

Your fans might be interested to see your team in action in a different sport, so have a dodgeball tournament. Teams can pay to play and see who can beat the volleyball team. Hey! No head shots! 

7. Fan Signs

Before a game, make some funny or artistic fan signs. Some could even have your teammate’s faces. Let fans rent them at the start of home games and return them after the game ends. You’ll have the best cheering section and make money simultaneously.

8. Volleyball Skills Clinic

Chances are, your team is pretty good at what they do. So, share your skills with the younger generation with a paid volleyball camp. Teach the kiddos valuable skills and let them play a few matches to learn what it’s like to be on a real volleyball team.

9. Private Coaching Sessions

If you don’t want to hold a big volleyball clinic, offer private lessons to paying students instead. You can help people learn a few new skills without the stress of having many students at once.

10. Silent Auction

You could do this during school or before and after a game. Collect some donated items, experiences, and services and let people write down their bids. At the end of the auction, announce who won with the highest bids, hand out the prizes, and collect the cash.

11. Game Day Raffle

Decide on a small prize (a team sweatshirt, maybe?) and sell raffle tickets before and during a game. At the end of the game, call out the winning raffle number.

12. Yard Sale

Have your team collect items they no longer need or seek donations. Then, set up in the school parking lot and get ready to haggle! When people know it’s for a good cause, you’re sure to make some serious profit.

13. Celebrity Game

Find a local celebrity and ask them to participate in a volleyball game with your team. Then, sell tickets so people can come see the match.

14. Local Sponsorships

Sponsors can pay for advertising time at your games. You could make an announcement, hang a banner in your gym, or even have patches of the business logo sewn onto your jerseys.

15. Fashion Show

Chances are your team has some fashionistas on it. Have team members create their perfect outfits, then have a fashion show the public can pay to attend. Make it more fun with music, lights, and voting to decide on the chicest ensemble. This is the time for that Tim Gunn impression you’ve been perfecting.

16. 5k Run

It may seem crazy, but people will actually pay you so they can run. Apparently, they have no idea they can just do it for free whenever they want. Set up a 5k with your volleyball team manning the finish line and water stations. Have a few medals ready for the winners.

17. Obstacle Course

You have a gym for your volleyball practices, so put it to better fiscal use by setting up an obstacle course. Let paying participants compete to see who gets the best time and wins the champion title.

18. Teachers vs. The Team

We’re sure students would love to see their teachers compete in a sporting event. Have an evening game where teachers play against the volleyball team. Yes, they’ll most likely get creamed, but it’s a fun idea to draw in many paying audience members.

19. Gala Event

Set up an evening party with a black tie dress code. A local live band and some beautifully decorated tables will complete the night. Pair this with our silent auction idea to earn even more money.

20. Discount Cards

Discount cards are a great way to involve the local community, give them a chance to support the team, and offer your fans a great deal at the same time. 

21. Team-Made Products

Your team may have some artistic or craft abilities among them. Make simple products like jewelry or crafts and sell them to your supporters.

22. MoneyDolly-Preapproved Products

MoneyDolly has lots of experience in the fundraising world, so we’ve already teamed up with some fantastic vendors to revolutionize how you fundraise. You won’t even have to worry about wrapping or shipping—we take care of that for you!

23. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is what MoneyDolly does best. Using our app and making sure your whole volleyball team is involved will help you reach as many people as possible. You can easily raise money without organizing big, complex events! Three cheers for that, eh?

Can MoneyDolly Really Help Me with These Fundraisers?

A dolly helps you do the heavy lifting and carry the loads you normally couldn’t lift alone. MoneyDolly does this for your volleyball fundraisers, making them much easier than they’d be by yourself. 

For events, we’ll help you spread the word with our app and links to players’ personal pages. For products, you can sell everything through the app. We also make peer-to-peer fundraising easy and will walk you through how it works.

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Your Team Can Reach Your Fundraising Goals with MoneyDolly

Your team is worth the effort! MoneyDolly wants to help you get the money you need so every player can enjoy the best equipment and experiences. Pick one volleyball fundraiser idea or combine a few to reach your goals. 

We’re your biggest fans—we know you can do it! Set up your account today to lead your team to fundraising victory!

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