Online Fundraising Ideas: 29 Ways to Reach Your Goals

November 15, 2023

There are lots of reasons to fundraise online, but we won’t bore you with those. You’re here to get lots of online fundraising ideas—and we’ve got them.

Online fundraising for schools may seem complicated, but it’s actually far easier than putting on a massive in-person gala. (Plus, you don’t have to talk to anyone in person, so you introverts will love it!) Let’s get started.

29 Virtual Fundraising Ideas

The online world is limitless, and so are its fundraising possibilities. Now, we don’t have time for limitless and neither do you, so let’s settle on 29 of the best online fundraiser ideas to get you started.

1. Digital Discount Card

A digital discount card lets your supporters take advantage of exclusive deals and coupons you’ve negotiated with local businesses—or non-local businesses, for that matter. You want to throw us a bone here, Bezos? 

2. Social Media Campaign

Encourage all your team members to share your fundraiser’s MoneyDolly link on social media platforms so supporters can send donations. (You may need to learn a TikTok dance or two.)

3. Baking Class

Find a local chef who can livestream a cooking class. Your supporters can pay to watch online and learn how to bake that perfect loaf of bread or season those crispy oven-roasted potatoes.

4. Run/Walk

It may seem odd, but paying participants can compete to see who can complete a 5k first. They can livestream as they go to make it fun and competitive. Our money’s on the tortoise.

5. Silent Auction

Collect donated items from around town and host a silent auction online. Then, simply deliver the items to the winning bidders and collect the funds.

6. Open Mic Night

Host a night where paying supporters can come listen to budding comics. You may just learn a few new jokes.

7. Viewing Party

Everyone can join in and watch a movie online together. You get to stay on your couch, and the comments section can aspire to Ted Lasso hilarity.

8. Museum or Gallery Tour

Get permission from a local gallery or museum to take video footage of the exhibits. Offer a virtual tour for donations from your more cultured supporters.

9. Art Auction

Get your team to work on their personal masterpieces. Go for paintings, sculptures, photography—we don’t care! Then, have an online gallery and auction where people can view and bid on the artwork.

10. Trivia

Set a nominal entry fee and let nerds from around the world hop on to see who knows the most random facts. Did you know Napoleon Bonaparte had a cat named Clover? (If you did know that, sit this one out…he actually hated cats.)

11. Bingo

Sell bingo cards on the MoneyDolly app and then have an evening with an exciting livestream of calling out the numbers! The winners get small prizes.

12. Read-a-Thon

If you want to keep it educational, create an online website where people can pay an entry fee to compete and log which books they’ve read over a set time. Whoever reads the most words wins a prize.

13. Livestreamed Videogames

Find some local hardcore gamers to livestream a game while soliciting donations. Who wants to throw in $10 if we take down the Ender Dragon?

14. Online Tutoring

Your team can set up online tutoring sessions with paying students. They’ll give advice, offer study tips, and help them do their homework (so make sure your team studies a bit first).

15. Livestreamed Sports Games

Sports games aren’t always accessible for everyone, so sell a link to supporters so they can view the game from the comfort of their couches. Grandpa will thank you for this one! Assuming someone helps him figure out how to watch the stream.

16. Talent Show

The parents of your group members or coaches record themselves doing their best talent. Share the videos with a paying audience at a live online viewing and vote who did best. 

17. Fitness Class

Find a local fitness instructor to teach an online class. Your supporters can pay to sign in and join a booty burn workout or extreme arm challenge.

18. Ugly Sweater Competition

Everyone associates ugly sweaters with Christmas, but we think you can dress abominably in any season. Create an ugly sweater competition site where paying participants can submit an entry and supporters can vote. The winner has to wear said sweater to school.

19. Social Media Challenge

There’s always a crazy social media challenge going on. (Think ice bucket challenge.) Come up with your own challenge and spread the word so people can donate cash as they complete it.

20. Murder Mystery

It may not be as dramatic online, but you can easily host a murder mystery for paying supporters. The butler looks pretty sketchy to us.

21. Art Contest

Invite the whole community to pay a small fee to submit a piece of artwork. Spread the word so people can vote online for the best ones.

22. TED Talk

Find someone local who has an inspiring message to share and spread the word. We’re sure a ton of people will pay to watch your own virtual TED talk.

23. Online Games Tournament

There are plenty of sites with free-to-play online games. Host a tournament and have your team facilitate different competitions.

24. Paint and Sip

Find a local artist (or maybe your most artistic team member) to walk everyone through the process of creating a painting via a live video stream. They’ll have to bring their own sipping beverage.

25. Bike-a-Thon

Invite people to pay to enter a contest to see who can bike the farthest in a certain amount of time. They can log their progress online or livestream during the competition.

26. Dance Until You Drop

Supporters can pay to enter and keep dancing in front of their webcam. Your team can supervise the video chat and call out anyone who gives up or takes an unscheduled break.

27. Sell Swag

With the MoneyDolly app, you can create an online store full of team swag items like sweatshirts, coffee mugs, baseball caps, or T-shirts to sell.

28. Product Sales

MoneyDolly has already partnered with some amazing small businesses that provide us with sellable treats. Your team can choose which ones you want to sell; all you need to do is share the link with supporters. MoneyDolly will take care of the packaging and shipping to make your life easy!

29. Peer-to-Peer Campaign

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a revolutionary way to fundraise. You share a link through text messages, inviting people to donate. If your whole team does it with as many contacts as possible, you can reach thousands of people within a few minutes!

MoneyDolly Is the Answer for Successful Online Fundraising Efforts

Virtual fundraising ideas for schools are not only convenient but incredibly effective. Just see what some of our clients have had to say: 

“You network with your friends and your family and your people, and you do everything on the app, and you can see in real-time who’s doing what, how many players, and what they’ve brought in, how many products have been sold.”

Coach Lisa Gotto

“Our kids, it’s right in their wheelhouse too because their technology knowledge is way better than mine, and it allows them to be in their comfort zone raising money to help our program.”

Coach Randy Coleman

“It was amazing for us! I mean, it did wonders. We were able to raise $21,000 for our program.”

Coach Teran Conley

Choose MoneyDolly Today

You and your team deserve the equipment, trips, and activities fundraising will help you afford. Let MoneyDolly be the virtual dolly to help you carry your efforts until you reach your goals. With us, the process is easy. 

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