MoneyDolly’s Fundraising App

We make fundraising easy!

On our easy fundraising app, you can run your entire fundraiser—all from the palm of your hand.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Saves time and energy
  • Engages and excites participants
  • Increases supporters with lots of options
  • Designed by fundraiser experts

Your Own Customized Page

Every group has a unique mission and style, and we believe you should be able to show it off! We’ll help you design a custom page for your fundraiser, but it doesn’t stop there! Every member of your group gets their own unique page to share with their contacts. With the fundraising app, you can:
  • Sell products
  • Accept donations
  • Run events
The variety of fundraising and page customization options personalizes the connection between participants and their supporters.
iPhone animated gif showing customized fundraising app

Reach More People in Record Time

This is one of those times when knowing a lot of people pays off. Don’t hold back—all it takes is a tap or two in the fundraising app to share details with phone contacts and social media followers.

If you prefer to ask people in person, we have an option for that, too! All group members get a unique QR code to share their page.

Track Your Progress

You want to keep an eye on things and watch the numbers tick up, right? Through secure portals, you and your participants can constantly check:

  • Onboarding and participation
  • Participant goals
  • Performance incentives
  • Money raised