Fundraising for Elementary & Middle Schools Made Simple

As a PTO member, parent, or teacher, you know your students need a way to raise money quickly. MoneyDolly makes your middle school or elementary school fundraisers more successful than ever.

“We had struggled to raise money in previous years & have found that the app has made it very successful for us with the ease of use, the ability to track real-time participants. As a PTO, we have also been able to provide awards & incentives by sorting participants in the app.”
Tiffany Jennings
Parent Teacher Organization Member
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Fund Your Students’ School Spirit

We know your students need to raise money to afford that class trip, new sporting equipment, or to start a new theater program.

With MoneyDolly, you can reach your middle schools and elementary school fundraising goals in record time.

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Elementary and Middle School Fundraisers Have Never Been Easier

MoneyDolly makes school fundraising easy by simplifying the process and giving you everything you need on our easy-to-use app. No matter their age, students can quickly master the MoneyDolly process and become fundraising experts.

MoneyDolly Features

Create Your Own Custom Fundraiser Page

With a customizable, innovative app, your fundraiser for middle or elementary schools is sure to get results you can be proud of.
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Gain Supporters Through Your Contacts

With the click of a button, easily spread the word about upcoming fundraisers to selected phone contacts and social media followers through the MoneyDolly app.

Spreading the word doesn’t stop there! Leaders and group members each have a unique QR code for their middle or elementary school fundraiser page so they can share it in person.

Track the Progress of Your Elementary or Middle School Fundraiser

Fundraising leaders and students can track their elementary or middle school fundraiser progress through secure portals.

MoneyDolly Users Raise More $$$

Here’s How it Works

3 Easy Steps for a Successful Fundraiser

Register Your Fundraiser

Register for a fundraiser launch week. Prepare by creating a customized fundraiser web page. Choose products to sell, ask for donations, or even run an event for your organization.


For 8-10 days, the app will help you facilitate and manage your fundraiser. You can sit back and relax, knowing your participants have the tools necessary to fundraise effectively. Watch the profits pile up!

Get Paid

After your fundraiser ends, we will send 80% of the profits directly to you, as a check or direct deposit. Our products purchased by contributors will be shipped directly to them. It's that easy!

Want to know more?

Dive into more details of how our fundraising software works.

Video Testimonial

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Tiffany Jennings, a PTO member at her child's school, shares what she loves about MoneyDolly.

It’s Time to Start

Elementary and middle schools are choosing MoneyDolly because it’s the easiest way to exceed fundraising goals. Before you know it, your students will have all the money they need for their activities.

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